We are a cloud based accounting firm that provides assurance, tax, accounting and advisory services. These services are provided by partners who have over 40 years of cumulative experience in public practice. We strive to cater all business needs of our client and provide a one stop shop solution. Let it be compliance, audit, advisory or advanced tax planning we are able to turn around projects in a reasonable period of time. 

In the recent past, Accounting was usually completed through desktop based accounting software which were only accessible by the individual who had physical access to that computer (or possibly through a remote access). Alternatively, Cloud accounting is completed on a software that is hosted remotely in a cloud space which is securely accessible by a user who is authorized to access that information. There are many benefits of cloud accounting in comparison to general accounting procedures, some of them include automation of accounting and bookkeeping processes, ability to access data remotely, reduce the carbon footprint with paperless environment and reduction of any cost related to keeping the software updated. 

We are of the opinion that the current business climate has normalized individuals and businesses to collaborate virtually. Our approach of virtual collaborations will provide our clients the ability conduct their business activity while they are on the go. This virtual approach also allows us to connect with clients from all across the globe while still providing real-time encrypted access to their financial information.

Our assurance team will include client facing team members who will seamlessly coordinate the process with your staff. These team members will be virtually supported by a team of highly qualified individuals, based both inside and outside Canada. All client information acquired during the audit process will be processed and stored on an Microsoft Azure server in Canada. The benefit to you; you will receive exceptional service through our cloud based approach. We are able to bring the costs down for you so we can offer you a fixed value based price.

We use industry-leading QuickBooks Online services to provide accounting services to our clients. QuickBooks Online provides multiple layers of security of any financial data that is being uploaded by the client into their financial records.

Clients will also be allowed to access documentation related to any previous engagements  prepared by us through CaseWare Cloud. CaseWare Cloud has earned ISO 27001 certification for its service delivery, operations and management of the CaseWare Cloud Platform.  To summarize, cloud accounting is generally more safer than physical documentation and previously utilized processes.
Initially, a meeting will be arranged between yourself and a Chartered Professional Accountant that specializes in the particular area you are interested in to understand the current situation, challenges and requirements of your business.

Within 48 hours of the meeting we will provide you with a proposal or an engagement letter including the scope of work and the estimated fees that we feel are reasonable.

Shortly after the proposal/engagement letter is approved by yourself, we can provide an estimated deadline for the project and start working on the engagement. We are determined to meet all of our commitments.
We use value-based fixed billing approach for the engagements. We do not believe that the client should be penalized for any additional research or time that is required on our end to complete the engagement. This pricing model ensures you don’t receive any unpleasant surprises.
Through our cloud accounting service, we strive to provide our clients with real-time financial data in relation to their business.

We will also provide analysis reports which will allow you to review the financial health and performance of your business in comparison to competitors in the same industry.

You are able to provide us with a cheque, e-transfer or Rotessa.

You will be hearing back from us within 24 hours of making the enquiry with either the answer or a timeline of when we can arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further.

Our team is glad to provide unlimited support (included in the quoted fee) in relation to any questions or concerns you have in relation to your business. We provide in-depth responses which take a holistic approach towards a certain issue. Such approach allows us to view any related and upcoming issues and provide possible recommendations.