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canadian tax and accounting services

Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual, not-for-profit, and business clients. Our service delivery model is partner-led and our clients are guaranteed personalized and a quality service that is beyond comparison. A brief description of services that we offer to our clients is presented below.

financial statements services

Our financial statement services include compilations, review and auditing engagements. These are often provided in conjunction with tax planning and consulting.


A compilation, also known as a notice to reader, is a set of financial statements we can prepare for you based on the information that you provide to us. Although we express no opinion on these statements – we are able to help you find constructive solutions for maximizing profitability, efficiencies and meeting your goals.


When stakeholders require a more detailed analysis of financial statements, this requirement can be addressed through a review engagement. The review comprises of analytical analysis and inquiries of management on the items presented in the financial statements. The benefit of a review engagement is the added level of assurance on the financial statements as may be requested by lenders, investors, and management if important decisions are being based on the financial statements.


An audited set of financial statements provides the highest level of assurance to the stakeholders and hence requires significant detailed testing. Audit comprises of testing management representations relating to the financial statements on a sample basis to the source documents. The benefit of an audited set of financial statements is the highest level of reliance by lenders and investors before they make significant decisions based on the financial statements.


Where an audit is not appropriate, an agreed upon procedures engagement could be the solution. The increasing complexity of business life, both in terms of structures and transactions, leads to an increasing demand for reassurance that matters of critical importance are dealt with in a manner that directors, or other stakeholders, might wish for.

Not all such matters will be appropriate subjects for audit, nor for more formal assurance reporting. In these circumstances an "agreed upon procedures" engagement can be a useful solution. Under such an arrangement we carry out very specific work to cover your areas of concern in a laser-focused manner. This avoids carrying out unnecessary work to provide a much broader opinion and it makes the scope of our work for you entirely clear, together with the outcomes that you might be able to expect.

Bookkeeping services

Our professional book-keeping team takes care of this aspect to help you focus on your business. We prepare monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping for our clients including general ledger preparation, bank reconciliations, payroll, GST reporting, CRA remittance assistance, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, and other related services.

Controllership/CFO services

A virtual CFO service can implement financial growth practices with large and small companies to:

  • Make better sustainable decisions and grow faster
  • Set, measure, monitor and optimize business performance
  • Enhance financial stewardship

Our approach for these services is based on the following pillars:​

  • To work with your bookkeepers to close financial statements on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure that monthly summary reports are ready for board/stakeholder review.
  • Structure the reports to enable sound financial planning and analysis.
  • We advise on processes, systems, and practices to be put in place to make sure there is full transparency for all the stakeholders and money goes where it’s supposed to. Better money management means less waste, and more investor confidence
  • We use excel models, rolling forecasts and budgets based on live accounting data.
  • We help with scenario analysis and track progress to budgets.
  • We help define goals and track KPIs – the key to alignment and progress.

Tax compliance services

AccountNext serves clients across the country as they navigate an increasingly complex and changing landscape.

Our tax professionals draw on deep experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need to maintain compliance and drive value – wherever they do business.

To meet all tax declaration obligations, we support you through the process of drawing up business and personal tax returns and all related upstream and downstream tasks. We can support you in the preparation of corporate income tax, personal tax, estate reporting, trust reporting, charity reporting, not-for-profit reporting and other tax services such as T4/T5 preparation. Our services include handling electronic submission of these returns to the tax authorities.

Tax planning and advisory services

We work with our clients to develop a customized tax plan to meet all of their individual and business needs. Based on our experience, we take a holistic approach in providing corporate reorganizations that meet your future goals.

We also support you in responding to any inquiries made by tax authorities on the returns you have filed. We also represent our clients in front of tax authorities defending against incorrect assessments in tax audits. Where necessary, we file the required legal remedies against tax assessments to enforce the interests of our clients vis-à-vis tax courts.

Consulting services

  • Mergers & Acquisition support
  • Governance, risk and internal controls advisory Services
  • Feasibility studies and financial modelling support
  • Debt financing
  • Performance Management - analysis and optimization
  • Start ups - end to end advisory

Business set up services

When starting your business, it’s important to set it on right structure as the structure might have an impact on liability management and tax. We will understand your current needs and aspirations and accordingly advise on the best legal structure of your business. We will also advise you on costs and benefits of incorporating your business, this advice includes:

  • Choosing right shares and shareholders’ structure
  • Jurisdiction of Incorporation
  • Transfer of Assets
  • Registration with Canada Revenue Agency